Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deliver When Done

When I was first introduced to Unit Testing, I didn't like it because it was doing things to my code that I didn't like. Over time I realized that it was my code that was the problem and not the tests. I seem to be in that same place again with wanting to continuously delivery working software without the artificial boundaries of iterations and releases. Where you make very thin slices of your tasks and deliver a slice when its done. Where every commit is also a deploy.

Note to self: Look up incremental development-and-delivery model

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Mital Vora said...

I fully agree with you !! I think every commit should be a complete set of changes which are not dependent on any other commit. So.. we can check out any of the version ... it should be working perfectly fine with the set of features provided till that release.

The CI servers helps out very much. we can configure CI server to build the executable and deploy it for every commit or periodically.