Friday, February 25, 2011 Update: Group Reminders, Remember Email Verification Status and Sneak Peak of Android App

Here is a quick update on
  • Group Reminders: You can now setup reminders for more than one person by simply filling in additional email addresses separated by commas. This is perfect for keeping track of shared expenses like parties and celebrations, going clubbing, group holidays or buying a gift for special events like a friend's birthday, wedding, housewarming or baby shower.
  • Remember Email Verification Status: If you are a regular user of, then you won't have to verify your email address every time you want to setup a reminder. When you verify your email address by clicking on the link sent in the verification email, it will remember the verification status for your email address and won't ask you for verification for all subsequent requests in the same browser. 

I've tried to implement these without sacrificing the immediacy and simplicity of Hope you like it. To give feedback to improve visit:

Coming soon: My friend Mital is working on an Android app for

Friday, February 11, 2011 (my "little" app) featured in The Times of India's Mumbai Mirror

I woke up on Feb 9, 2011, to see a lot of users on Ok, a lot is not really a lot, more like a few hundreds, but it was more than the usual, considering I hadn't announced it anywhere and only showed it to few friends.

Looking at the access logs, I stumbled upon a few requests coming in from the online version of The Times of India's Mumbai Mirror. Turns out that someone at Mumbai Mirror came across and featured it on Page 24 (the sci-tech section).

The reason I hadn't announced it yet was because I was still wrapping up the finishing touches on it (lots of small things to do). This forced launch had me scrambling to finish off stuff, but it was also kind of liberating and exciting. Plus I now have a nice pitch for thanks to the description in the paper:
Fed up of friends who borrow money and then conveniently forget? A website to send friendly automated email payment reminders to them.

Other places has been spoted so far: