Sunday, April 23, 2006

Totally tripping on the new new media

[Video] YouTube: Man dancing

That's an ex-programmer (Matt Harding) who quit his job and used his savings to travel around the world! Why?

[Audio] Odeo: Return From Madness - where have I been?
A bizarre adventure caused a long absence. I do my best to explain where I’ve been for three months, without mentioning any names. I lost myself and am only just now coming back from a deep emptiness. A little quote from Salvador Dali, an ad for “instant problem fixing cream”, and my “Theme to Forever”, a piece I wrote 25 years ago or more...

Thats by 1-800-Weirdos: A freeform exploration of original music and spoken word, including samples from the 1-800-Weirdos voice mail. Improvisational and interactive, the weirdest podcast ever!!

[Photo] Flickr: Browser clocks at Opera


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