Sunday, May 10, 2009 Design Principles

Principles that help guide's personality and the experience it provides:

  • Indirect: To overcome the awkwardness of asking friends to pay you back, you should not have to address the friend directly.

  • Conversational: Instead of the experience of filling up a form, you should feel like you are talking to

  • Peace of mind: Telling about a friend, should mean that you can forget about it because will remember, and repeatedly remind the friend till a resolution is reached.

  • Quick and easy: Collect the least possible information from you to reduce the investment required by you to try-out/use the service.

  • Terse: Reduce the amount of information you need to process.

  • Incremental: Like real people, the personality of and the experience it provides, will keep developing (changing/growing/evolving) over time.'s story began when I saw a friend of mine asking another friend of ours, to help him collect money from the people he had paid for the previous night clubbing. At that moment, I realized just how awkward it is for some people to ask friends to pay them back. That incident compelled me to start development on, a service to remind friends to pay you back, without the awkwardness!

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