Friday, May 31, 2013

RecentChanges, a simple alternative to ActivityStreams

For updates watch:

Some thoughts on representing updates to a site inspired by wiki style RecentChanges:
  • Every resource (URL) has a RecentChanges endpoint.
  • The RecentChanges endpoint at each level of the (URL) hierarchy aggregates all RecentChanges under it.
    • The RecentChanges endpoint of the site aggregates site-wide RecentChanges.
  • RecentChanges only requires/uses 4 verbs: Post, Respond, Update, Delete. (open to renaming these but the idea is that 4 verbs are enough)
  • Examples:
    • Sandeep Shetty posted Foobar. (new post)
    • Sandeep Shetty updated Foobar. (edited an existing post)
    • AnonymousOnPurpose responded to Foobar. (commented on a post - could even be a response to a specific comment)
    • Sandeep Shetty deleted Foobar. (deleted a post)

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