Monday, October 15, 2012

Social Verbs

I've been thinking about social verbs lately and what they mean to me and how I want to use them, as opposed to how the social networks want me to use them. So I'm compiling a little work-in-progress list:
  • I like something when it brings a smile to my face. (aliases: Love, Heart, Favorite)
  • I share something when it is noteworthy and assume others might find interesting. This could be my own content or someone else's content or something someone else has shared. In the context where my blog is separate from my activity stream, I post to my blog and I share the link to the post with others. When my blog and activity stream merge into one, I just share content. (aliases: blog, tweet, status update)
  • I bookmark something when I want to save it for future reference. (aliases: save)
  • I star something to mark it as important/significant.
  • I upvote something (in the context of a list of things) when it is more relevant.
  • I recommend something when I really believe in it and want to tell others about it. (aliases: endorse, promote)
  • +1 something when I agree with it or support it.

What do the verbs mean to you?


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