Sunday, March 10, 2013

Habit Domino, the simplest habit-forming/habit-tracking android app that could possibly work

What started out as an audacious idea inspired by a death in the family, to build a game-like habit-forming/habit-tracking android app (codenamed World of Doers), got refined into the simplest habit-forming/habit-tracking app that could possibly work.

The basic premise of Habit Domino is that once you've committed to forming a habit, the simple act of recording the routine and visiting the app once a day, has a sort of domino effect, driven by awareness and emotion, that gets you to complete the routine consistently till it turns into a habit.

No Graphs. No Reminders. Just commit to forming the habit and visit the app once a day.

Just Enough

There is a point at which a solution is just enough to solve a problem. Anything less and it won't solve the problem and anything more will only add marginally utility.

This is especially important because customers usually assign a certain value to a solution and therefore, are willing to pay a certain amount for it. Adding more features doesn't necessarily mean they'll pay more. Strive instead to refine your ideas by removing stuff till you're left with just enough to solve the problem at hand.

Ambition is the side-effect of a finite (limited) mind

Since we have a finite (limited) mind we cannot possibly "see" things in their entirety. So we aggregate and summarize. Instead of seeing the journey that is someone's life, we focus on the destinations they're reached. It's little wonder then that we aspire to reach destinations instead of paying attention to the journey and price we pay to get to our destinations.

This post was inspired by Clayton Christensen's How Will You Measure Your Life? TEDxBoston talk from 2010 :