Friday, November 25, 2016

What native apps get wrong over web apps

  1. They need to be installed. This in itself is a big drawback.
  2. They need to be separately developed for each target platform. Unlike the desktop app days where Windows was almost ubiquitous, with mobile you have to support 2 platforms.
  3. They can get outdated if users don't upgrade. We are doomed to repeat the same mistakes we made with desktop apps.
  4. Deployment is blocked on a black box not in your control (aka the app store approval process). Kiss continuous deployment goodbye.
  5. They have no trustworthy way to indicate to users that secure channels are being used to communicate secure information (unlike the address bar in web apps that clearly shows if the connection is secure and to the right place). If you think about it, there is a beauty to REST/HTTP that makes this possible.
  6. Each app needs to reinvent the wheel and ship infra that could have been shared, e.g., local data store, caching, etc.

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